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Four fruits can restore body energy after whole night work

All the girls know that good sleep plays an important role in people health and skin beauty. Due to various reasons, some people need to work during night time. The expert reminds that stay up against the normal biological clock, which will make a series of injuries to the physical body. What is the remedial method? Today we will introduce four fruits which can be great helpful.


Apple is a kind of physical benefits fruit, which contains rich organic acids, pectin, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, polyphenols and flavonoids nutrients.

People who stay up late is very easy to appear the endocrine disorders cause constipation or fat, the skin becomes poor and so on. And apple contains much vitamin and large amount of malate enables fat decomposition which stored in the body, can effectively prevent the body fat, increase hemoglobin, so that the skin becomes delicate. Its rich pectin can promote the excretion, prevent hardening of the arteries.



It is a model fruit of whitening. It is easy to spot on the face for people who always work during the dark night. The citric acid can be speckle, prevent pigmentation, eating and external coating are both very effective. Foreign beauty experts called it as beauty fruit. Furthermore, eat lemon can help digestion and absorption to make skin smooth and delicate.



It contains a variety of ingredients beneficial to human health, such as sugar, vitamin A, vitamin C and a variety of fiber, acid. The carambola is rich in acid which can inhibit the melanin precipitation, and also has moisturizing effect which can improve the dry and oil skin significant effect. So the carambola is the great helpful fruit for the women who will always work in the dark night.



Orange has almost become synonymous of vitamin C, which can prevent skin by sunlight damage and computer radiation and so on, and also can inhibit the formation of pigment granules, make skin white and moist.


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