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Benefits Salak Fruit For Body


Benefits Salak is a fruit that is very good for human health. Salak has a distinctive sour taste sweet so it is much-loved by many people. Salak often consumed only as one of the fruits offered at the table. Apart from the excellent taste and also fresh if consumed, fruits also includes nutrients that are good for overall health. Salak can be consumed directly. In addition, the benefits of these fruits are good for the body such as the following:

1. Eye Treatment
According to an investigation by health experts, fruits consisting of beta-carotene which is very good for the eyes. For anyone who wants to maintain healthy eyes, and may have been fed up with having to constantly consume carrot juice, now there is another option to exchange the benefits of carrots with bark.

2. Drug Diarrhea
Whenever experiencing diarrhea, do not have to rush to take the drug. It never hurts to try natural treatments. By consuming significantly less than twenty grams of meat fresh fruits young can help to relieve diarrhea. In addition to natural, fruit can also often experienced.

3. Diet Program
Fruits are very good to help the diet, it is because fruits consisting of nutrients and phytonutrients that may help the routine diet. Moreover, in the Salak of fruit consists of vitamin C, tannins and fiber. And remember that the fibers can easily give a sense of fullness because it takes time to be absorbed by the intestine.

4. Good for the Brain
Salak is recognized as one of the few fruits that are rich in potassium and pectin, which is beneficial for the brain. This is the reason people call the fruit Salak as good for the brain.

5. Good for the Stomach
Salak consists of saponins, beta carotene, tannins, flavonoids and calcium that is the reason Salak has health benefits for the body system. Tannin is actually anti-diarrhea, and therefore can make the stomach loose Salak, so it is quite good also for stomach indigestion. Best tips is to consume Salak using thin skin, which can avoid constipation.

6. Maintain Stamina
Vitamin A is useful for maintaining eye health and are usually advised to consume a lot of carrots to meet the benefits of vitamin A. Although dr. Pericone suggest staying away from the carrots in a wrinkle-free diet to suit him just as much food is loaded with vitamin A (carotenoids) can cause an inflammatory reaction related because of the high sugar content. Nach to the glass every time he tries to reduce facial lines young efforts should convert alias using carrot juice Salak.

7. Cure Nearsightedness
A sharp eyesight can not be corrected only by using the benefits of vitamin A. Vitamin A only improve the sharpness seen the light and dark (night blindness). Disturbance nearsightedness is not a problem in the retina of the eye, but the axis is shortened, so that the drugs are also used. As the use of glasses can because a lot done, so the glasses are considered drugs of course.

8. Good For Pregnant Women
Pregnant women should be very select type of food that good health himself and prospective baby, so choose healthy food should be a priority. Salak good for young pregnant women who experience morning sickness. Nausea that often insurmountable invitation consume barking. But do not be too excessive eating, must also be balanced with protein-rich foods such as nuts.

Salak has a unique rind, like the scales of a snake to snake fruit is often called. Because the fruit is produced seasonally, while production time to produce abundant fruit. Therefore many are made with a variety of processed foods such as pickles Salak, Salak chips made even canned. Moreover, the benefits are very abundant Salak for health.



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