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8 purple food can keep women young and healthy

1, Purple onion

Purple onion are systemic good vegetable, which has a strong effect of beauty, and also be very effective to slim. Onion contains trace elements selenium which is a powerful antioxidant, so it can enhance the vitality of cells effectively, delay the aging of skin. While purple onion epidermis also contain anthocyanins, so this substance is very powerful on anti-aging effect.


2, purple carrot

Despite the blueberry, the purple carrot contains the most anthocyanins. This purple carrots are more beneficial to health, can delay aging. furthermore, it can also prevent cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer.


3, Purple sweet potato

Purple sweet potato is very common in our daily life, and this common food have good effect, because this purple sweet potato contains a series nutrition for human health.


4, Grape

Grape is the good choice fruit in the hot summer, because of the rich variety of nutrition and also good option for dieters. The purple grapes are and purple anthocyanin rich fruits which is just after carrot after blueberry, and the contained flavonoids is another powerful antioxidant, which is so effecitve in anti-aging.


5, mulberry

In addition to delay aging, mulberry also has other effects, including improving the skin’s blood supply.


6, purple cabbage

The purple cabbage not only has a strong anthocyanins, but also contains a certain amount antioxidants: vitamin E and vitamin A precursor, rich in nutrients. It also contains a good nutrition for the skin, and the sulfur can maintain skin health.


7, eggplant

In addition rich in anthocyanins, eggplant plays an importnat role in hinder some toxins in daily life. The eggplant is rich in vitamin E, which can slow cellular aging due to oxidation.


8, blueberry

The blueberry is called super fruit, which is rich in anthocyanins, so it is good food to help the woman maintenance aging. In addition to anti-aging, it also has good effect on the prevention of colon cancer, improve eyesight, eliminate eye fatigue.


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