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Winter to eat sweet potato should meet 3 conditions

The first condition is not to eat sweet potato when you are empty. When you are empty to eat sweet potato, it is highly risk to appear acid reflux and heartburn phenomenon, because the potato itself contains a relatively high in carbohydrates and some sugar, so it will lead to increase the possibility of reflux.


The second is that the eating sweet potato quantity should less than 150 grams every day. If there is reflux reaction, you can separate into two or three times.

Third, the sweet potatoes are not recommended to eat together with other sweet food. The potato itself contains high sweet content, if coupled with other sweets, it will increase one times of reflux occurrence possibility, so don’t try to sweet potato and other sweet things at the same time.


As we known, the sweet potato is highly rich in nutrition. Experts claimed that it is not good to eat baked sweet potato together with the skins, because the sweet potato skins contain much alkaloids, eating too much can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Sweet potato contains gasification enzyme material, which can produce large amounts of acid in the human gut, so after eating will lead nausea, heartburn, vomiting acidic water reaction.

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