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How to eat egg in a nutritious way?

Eggs contain a large number of proteins, and these proteins in the digestive enzymes under the action of gastric juice digestion in the small intestine to complete the entire process of digestion and absorption. It is also rich in nutrients, help the brain puzzle, protect the liver, prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent cancer, anti-aging, etc.. Although there are a lot of benefit of eggs, but not everyone can eat eggs, not every kind of food can be together

1, do not drink tea immediately after eating eggs

Do not drink tea immediately after eating eggs. Because the tea contains a lot of tannic acid, and tannic acid and protein synthesis will becomes a convergence of tannic acid protein, will make bowel movements slow down, thereby prolonging the residence time of stool in the intestine, it is easy to cause constipation, but also increase the toxic and carcinogenic substances are absorbed by the human body may harm to your body health.


2, eggs cannot cook with MSG

The egg itself contains large amounts of glutamic acid and a certain amount of sodium chloride, adding MSG, after heating the two substances will generate a new material, sodium glutamate, which is the main component of MSG, egg flavor but cover itself.

3, do not take sugar immediately after eating eggs

Many places have the habit of eating Egg with adding sugar, in fact, it will make the egg protein amino acids in the formation of fructose poorammonia acid conjugates. And this material is not easy to be absorbed by the body, so it will have adverse effects on health.

Not fully cooked eggs after overnight the nutrition will breed bacteria, if you eat this kind of spoiled eggs will be harmful to health. Because the protein has been destroyed during cooking, but also overnight, so the nutritional value will be reduced a lot. Similarly, a boiled and boiled tea eggs should also pay attention to eat less. Because of the mixture of substances and proteins in tea, harmful substances can be produced.

4, do not eat eggs immediately after eating persimmon

Eating eggs after eating persimmon lightly will get food poisoning, the hard will cause acute gastroenteritis and pulmonary stones. Generally speaking, these two kinds of food to eat at the same time will lead to more vomiting diarrhea abdominal pain and the symptoms of acute gastroenteritis. So if you take the time in 1~2 hours, you can use emetic method. Immediately take salt 20g add boiling water 200ml dissolve, after cooling, drink, if not spit, can drink a few times, rapid promotion of vomiting. Or use fresh ginger mash juice with warm water. If taking a long time, as soon as possible to take some laxatives to remove the body of toxic substances.

If you think raw eggs are better nutrition, you’re wrong! The unripe egg contains a large number of Escherichia coli, not cooked edible easily cause diarrhea. Therefore, the egg need to cook in high temperature to kill the bacteria before eating.

5, do not drink soybean milk immediately after eating eggs

Every morning, a mother prepares breakfast for her children. Hope the children can get plenty of nutrition in the early morning. So many mothers will an egg into the soybean. Or after the children eat eggs, let the children drink a cup of soybean milk. In fact, a single drink has a strong nourishing effect of soy milk contains a special substance called trypsin, which combined with egg white in the egg white protein, will cause the loss of nutrients, reducing the nutritional value of the two.

Despite the high value of eggs, but not the more eggs, the better. Eat many eggs can easily lead to excessive nutrition, leading to obesity. Increase the burden of liver and kidney. The protein surplus will make the urea manufacturing system with too heavy loader, too much protein intake, but also in the intestine produce a large number of ammonia, hydroxyl, phenol and other chemical substances, a great deal of harm to the human body. It is likely that there will be prone to abdominal distension, dizziness, dizziness, limb weakness, coma and other symptoms, which is often said protein poisoning syndrome.

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