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What are the effects of staying up late?

For every male, for their own reproductive health, you must pay attention to avoid staying up late, as stay up late for a long time will cause great impact on sperm quality, which is the biggest killer of male infertility, but so should pay attention to get rid of this state.

1, staying up late can easily lead to physical decline, even if young people often stay up late also easily lead to decreased immunity. Stay up late to hurt the body, have a serious impact on fertility. Young people develop a bad habit of staying up late, will harm the male spermatogenesis.


2, the human biological clock governs human endocrine, and spermatogenic mainly at night, if male friend, even in young people, lack of adequate rest under the condition that the biological clock will therefore occur disorder. In the long run, endocrine disorders are likely to cause difficulty in semen production. Therefore, young people do not stay up late, otherwise it may lead to the occurrence of infertility.

3, night has become the number one killer of infertility. If you are preparing pregnant, you must keep away from staying up later at night and take a good rest, to avoid fatigue effects on physiological state; in addition, parents should keep optimistic mood, because there are many infertility problems, have a great relationship with depression.

4, take part in exercise. Excessive body weight men, will lead to increased temperature in the groin, damage to the growth of sperm, resulting in infertility. Therefore, weight control in the standard range can improve the quality of sperm. However, moderate exercise intensity, strenuous exercise, such as marathon and long-distance cycling, etc., will still increase the temperature of the testicles, the destruction of the sperm growth needs of the cool environment. Cycling will make testicular capsule fragile blood vessels in danger, therefore, that the bike will wear padded shorts, and choose the good damping function of bicycle.

5, less sauna, steam bath. High temperature steaming bath directly hurt sperm, but also inhibit spermatogenesis.

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