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An insignificant fruit to take care your prostate

“Apple therapy” is a common method for treating chronic prostatitis at home and abroad at present, mainly use zinc in apple to improve zinc deficiency in patients with chronic prostatitis. According to the India times, a study in Sweden has added a new reason for eating apples that to protect the prostate.

Apple protects prostate

Researchers randomly selected 78 people with chronic prostatitis for the study object, to eat apples for a comparative survey. The results show that the patient to adhere to eat apple rehabilitation effect is significantly better than people who do not eat apples.


Through an experimental study found that the prostatic fluid contains a certain amount of antimicrobial components, the antimicrobial substance is a zinc containing protein, its main component is zinc, and its antibacterial effect is similar to that of penicillin.

Zinc is the necessary elements for human growth and development, if zinc deficiency, reproductive performance may be damaged. In the prostatic fluid of patients with chronic prostatitis, the zinc content was significantly lower than that of the normal subjects. The theory on zinc deficiency, zinc supplementation elements will be achieved, why must eat apples? This is because by eating apple zinc, without any side effects, which is safe, easy to absorb and digest the characteristics of patients. Insist on eating an apple every day can play a protective effect on the prostate.

Apple can also enhance the sex ability

Some experts also stressed that the man with zinc deficiency, its subsidiary organs changed significantly, sperm quality will decline. Prostate is the source of seminal plasma zinc, and seminal plasma zinc is to assure to be able to enhance the vitality of the sperm. So, appropriate to eat apple can also effectively enhance the man’s sexual capacity.

Apple to reduce the risk of cancer

If you think Apple’s effect is the only these, it’s wrong. Studies show that apple can also reduce the risk of colon cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer. Rat experiment showed that the concentration of apple juice can increase the secretion of nerve conductive substance acetylcholine. And other experiments also found that after taking the rat’s apple juice, can slow down the oxidative damage and cognitive decline”. After feeding the apple fruit, the fruit fly had a 10% more life span than the others.

Apple is one of our most common fruit, but the price is also affordable, but it is better than the effectiveness of those imported health products is much better. Men insist on eating an apple every day, over time will see their own physical changes.

Apple in our daily life really can be said to be everywhere, and in many people’s eyes, it is also really not significant. But an ordinary apple will be able to protect the man’s prostate, which is really amazing. Not only that, often eat apples can reduce the risk of cancer.

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