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Emily Mariko’s Latest Viral Recipe Is a Frozen Treat

A woman soaks grapes in lemon and lime before coating them in sugar and freezing them.

Emily Mariko’s name might not be super familiar to you, but there’s a good chance her viral videos are. Now, the TikTok content creator is back with another recipe, but this time it’s a sweet treat and not a savory dinner.

While Mariko originally went viral for her salmon bowl, it’s her frozen cotton candy grapes making waves in 2022. Of course, freezing grapes isn’t exactly something new, but Mariko adds an extra bit of tangy and sweet flavor before popping hers in the freezer.

First, she rinses the grapes (always rinse your produce, friends) and drying them. Then, Mariko chops two limes and two lemons and juices them onto the grapes mixing them up with a spoon. Grabbing a smaller bowl, she fills it with granulated cane sugar then dips each grape, coating it completely, before adding it to a baking sheet covered in parchment paper. She pops the grapes in the freezer for a few hours. Once frozen, they’re a tangy but sweet treat.


Very excited to try these later

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For those looking to eat healthier in the new year, Mariko’s frozen snack might be a great option—if you go easy on the sugar. If you’re trying to cut out the sweet, though, you can always skip that step but keep the tangy flavor of the lemon and lime juice.

Not feeling something sweet? You can always check out Mariko’s salmon bowl instead.

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