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Chocolate-Dipped Dates Are TikTok’s Latest Favorite Snack

A woman fills dates with peanut butter and chocolate.

Let’s be honest. Most of the recipes that surface on TikTok aren’t exactly healthy. One of the latest, however, is able to blend healthy ingredients with classic dessert ingredients for a healthy-ish snack.

The healthy meets sweet treat comes from none other than Emily Mariko, inventor of the famed sushi salmon bowl. The snack features dates, peanut butter, chocolate, and almonds to craft a Snickers-adjacent treat that looks delicious.

To begin the recipe, Mariko first pits a container of dates. Then, she takes a jar full of almonds and chops them into fine pieces. Once that’s done, she places a whopping spoonful of peanut butter into a bowl and melts dark chocolate pieces, milk chocolate pieces, and coconut oil in a bowl using a microwave. When the chocolate is melted, Mariko places the peanut butter and almonds inside the date then dips them into chocolate. She places each one onto a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper. Once each date is stuffed and covered, she freezes them. When the chocolate is solidly frozen, the content creator has a sweet, moderately healthy treat.


Best thing ever. Can’t wait to check on these later!!

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While Mariko is most well-known for her sushi-inspired salmon bowl, it’s not her most recent viral hit. It’s actually another sweet treat much like her recent date recipe. Mariko’s frozen grapes gained traction, and they’re continuing to be a social media favorite.

If you’re not much of a chocolate fan, you might want to check out this frozen grape recipe, but if you are, Mariko’s chocolate-covered dates are for you.

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