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This Fruit Slicing Hack Is Just Peachy

Three photos show a woman cutting a peach without leaving behind any fruit on the seed.

Fresh produce is just one of the many wonderful things about summer, but some fruits and veggies can be downright messy to eat. That’s why this peach-cutting hack is proving to be a real winner on the internet.

Stone fruits like peaches are just fruits that have flesh or pulp around a hard, stone-like center. Whether you bite into one or attempt to cut it, getting all that delicious, juicy fruit off the core can be difficult.

But not with this tip from Holly Haines (@ItsHolly on Instagram), food influencer, author, and recipe developer. In the video below, she explains that our instinct is to cut a peach down the center along the line that already exists in the fruit, but this means you’re unable to extract the seed.

That’s why Haines advises cutting it “across the equator” (through the center) to get the best results. Then, much like an avocado, you can just wiggle the halves a bit, and one side will come off completely clean.

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To get the seed out of the other side, you just repeat the steps on the side with the seed still attached, wiggle, and it’ll pull right out. Then, you have a perfectly cute piece of fruit without a bit of it stuck and unedible.

If you’re ready to add some variety to your summer fruit basket, how about some frozen mandarins? Your kids will love ’em!

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