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Here’s What That White Stuff on Your Carrot Is

A group of baby carrots with white flecks sit on a wooden cutting board.

Vegetables can be a pain when it comes to storage. Getting the moisture level right and making sure items are prepped properly is a lot to handle. If you’re a carrot lover, you might also have noticed some white stuff on them. What’s the deal with that?

If you’re worried when you see a white coating on your carrots, don’t be. Not only is it an easy fix, but those carrots are still totally fine to consume.

The white film is known as “carrot blush,” according to Pol Bishop, gardening and plants expert at Fantastic Gardeners. The film occurs when baby carrots are exposed to, and then lose, moisture. The thin outer layer roughens as it loses hydration.

When this happens, light scatters through the carrot resulting in the appearance of white marks. Along with dehydration, carrots can also experience carrot blush due to damaged skin cells.

If you haven’t noticed, though, the white marks only appear on baby carrots. This is because they lack the protective skin of a freshly picked, full-size carrot.

While the white film won’t hurt you and isn’t a sign that your veggie is going bad, if you want more of an aesthetically pleasing snack, you can bright back that orange hue. All you have to do is rehydrate them. Soak any white-covered baby carrots in water for a few minutes, and you’ll be good to go.

Much like the rusty bits that appear on lettuce, the white film on carrots is totally harmless. But if you’re planning to serve a crudités platter, you’ll now be able to get them looking fresh again.

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