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How Ice Water Can Get You the Perfect Salad

A salad with mixed green and tomatoes sits next to a fork and a bowl of fresh spinach.

Don’t underestimate the deliciousness of a good salad. From flavorful dressings to the satisfying crunch of greens, they can be just as incredible as any other meal. The secret ingredient in the best ones might just be the easiest addition ever.

Ice water is the secret to a perfect salad, and using it is all about enhancing your salad’s greens.

No, you’re not going to serve your salad filled with ice or anything strange, but you are going to prep your greens with it. The idea is that ice will help perk up items like lettuce and other leafy greens, making them extra crisp, and when dried properly, some of that water will stay behind, keeping the greens ice cold before serving.

So how do you use it? All you’ll need is a salad spinner.

First, take out the basket and place ice in the bowl. Then, add your greens, herbs, and any sturdy vegetables. Put it back into the bowl on top of the ice and add enough cold water to cover the produce. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes, then lift the basket out of the bowl and pour out the ice water. Put the basket back into the spinner and give everything a good spin.

Now, you’ve got ice-cold greens, and if you really want to step things up, find out why you should be tossing some salt over them, too.

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