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Why You Should Keep a Wine Cork in Your Fruit Bowl

A wine opener has a cork inside and is surrounded by grapes.

There’s nothing like a fresh bowl of fruit to snack on throughout the day. But it may feel like — only days later — your fruit starts to mold or even becomes overwhelmed with fruit flies!

Help your fruit stay fresher for longer by keeping a wine cork in your fruit bowl.

Simply dry a natural wine cork and cut it in half. Add the halves to your fruit bowl to absorb the humidity in the air. This will ward off fruit flies and keep your fruit fresh and dry.

Make sure to use a natural wine cork since it’s more effective than a synthetic one. Natural wine corks consist of high-quality materials that can absorb humidity to slow down the ripening process. They help age wine and prevent oxygen from tainting the flavor.

Some wines use synthetic corks that consist of plastic and can’t absorb humidity as well. They will be less effective in keeping your fruit juicy and fresh.

So, almost done with that bottle of wine? Save the cork to freshen up your fruit bowl.

From protecting your earrings while traveling to helping out in your garden, wine corks are an effective multi-purpose tool that can be used around the house once the wine bottle is empty.

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