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Can You Freeze Chickpeas?

Raw chickpeas in a bowl.

Dried chickpeas are an excellent plant-based protein for your home-cooked meal. But this ingredient can be an investment to cook. Since chickpeas can take so long to prepare, it’s better to make them in large batches. But what’s the best way to store the leftovers?

The next time you cook chickpeas, put the leftovers in the freezer to extend their shelf life.

Dried chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, can take anywhere from 3-10 hours to prepare. It’s beneficial to cook them in large batches to save time. But cooked chickpeas can only last 3-5 days in the fridge. On the other hand, your cooked chickpeas will last 3-6 months if you store them in the freezer.

To try this storage hack, separate your cooked chickpeas into portions in freezer bags for a convenient meal in the future. You can also store them in bulk for other dishes, like delicious vegetable dips or high-protein vegetarian recipes.

Once you’re ready to use your frozen chickpeas, let them thaw for several minutes before reheating them. After storing them for six months, you’ll want to either use your leftover chickpeas or throw them out. Then get ready to make another fresh batch.

The next time you cook chickpeas, store the leftovers in the freezer or use them to make some deliciously smooth hummus to enjoy with friends.

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