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Here’s How You Can Reuse Plastic Yogurt Containers

A person holds up a Chobani yogurt container.

Large containers of creamy yogurt are a delicious and healthy indulgence at the store. After you’ve spooned out the last bit of yogurt, though, you should think twice before throwing the container away.

Instead, clean out your yogurt container and save it for leftover food scraps.

If you’re chopping produce, toss the discards into the leftover container to keep your workspace clean and organized. This essentially acts as a “garbage bowl” on the counter. You can also collect these scraps for vegetable stock. This light, healthy stock can improve the taste of your rice or soups.

The container can also be lined with compostable bags if you want to compost the food later. Plus, the bags keep the container clean and extend its use.

Finally, if your container comes with a lid, feel free to store leftovers in your yogurt container. As long as it’s thoroughly cleaned out, it’s safe to keep your food in.

Saving your leftover yogurt containers is a great way to recycle and reduce waste. Once your reused food or takeout containers start to show signs of wear, it might be time to toss them and start from scratch.

In addition to yogurt containers, you might have several other kitchen items you can reuse to save some cash and be more sustainable.

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