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This Caprese Egg Bake recipe is a fusion between your classic egg bake and caprese salad making it the ultimate savory breakfast (lunch or dinner!).


Happy Monday! I am back with another breakfast recipe because, well, that’s all I ever want to eat. This time though, it’s a savory meal made with FFF partner, Dave’s Killer Bread. The more and more I eat DKB, the more I love it. It’s perfectly chewy, seedy, whole-grained goodness that I just can’t get sick of! Today’s recipe features DKB’s 21 Whole Grains and Seeds, which I picked up from the best place on Earth, COSTCO. Can we talk about Costco for a second. It’s almost worse than Target….I go specifically for bread and I leave with about 101 other things. Do I need 44 packs of gum? NO. Do I need 20 lbs. of coconut oil? NO. Do I need 14 gallons of peanut butter? YES.

The nice thing about a lot of things you buy from Costco, is that you can freeze it for later! Like Dave’s Killer Bread for example…At Costco it comes in a pack of 2 loafs so I always keep one our on the counter and freeze one for later.

So dis recipeeeeee.

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