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How to Stay Healthy While Exploring New Cities

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The last thing you want on vacation is a terrible bout with seasickness or outright flu. Staying healthy on vacation takes conscious thought about your every move. New places offer exciting retreats, but also germs you aren’t accustomed to fighting. Infections quickly occur if you aren’t careful about hygiene and food intake. Some simple steps help you feel great while exploring a city.

Visit the Grocery Store

One of the best ways to stay healthy on vacation is eating right. Fast food and high-fat treats only bring your immunity down. Your hotel refrigerator may be small, but it can hold deli meat, bread and a few vegetables. Make your own quick lunch to keep your group exploring rather than finding a local eatery. Bring along snacks in your bag, such as trail mix, to encourage more energy between meals. Although you can indulge at times, each meal doesn’t have to be a full day of calories.

Carry Water Everywhere

Regardless of your chosen vacation city, every area has slightly different water content. You may end up feeling sick by drinking the local tap water so it’s crucial to use only bottled water. Even forgo using ice in regular drinks. Once the ice melts, it is still the local tap water. Bring an insulated water bottle holder with a strap to wear around town. You’ll always stay hydrated with clean water and a healthy body.

Be Aware of Eyes

If you tend to rub your eyes, be aware of your habit on vacation and stop the practice. When you touch a doorknob and rub your eye, for example, you’re moving germs from that knob to the body. The eye’s open mucous membrane is a perfect gateway into the body. Many colds and flus occur when people touch their face in this manner. Keep your hands away from any open orifice and the vacation should run smoothly.

Get Rest

When your body rests, it’s using this time to heal any wounds or fight off troublesome germs. Although you may be excited about visiting a new city, make sure to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours each day. Your body encounters many new experiences, from sightseeing to exposure to airborne germs. Allow it to maintain a healthy equilibrium with ample rest. You’ll have many other hours to explore the area.

Bring Remedies

You never know when you might need to hop on a boat to see a local sight. If you’re prone to any seasickness or motion nausea, consider bringing medication relief. When you know you’re going to visit an island one day, take the seasickness pill at least an hour before taking off. You’ll avoid any unpleasant stomach issues and concentrate on fun.

From a good night’s sleep to clean water, your health is in your hands to a certain degree. Avoid taking elevators with obviously sick people, for instance. Wash your hands consistently, especially if you shake hands with others. Simple cleanliness habits only keep you in top shape for a fantastic vacation.

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