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Tips to reduce your belly quickly

Reduce the abdomen is a necessity for many people but at the same time Few can really solve the problem. Eliminate belly is not impossible but requires effort perseverance and determination. Reduce the abdomen is definitely a matter of health and beauty in fact, excess fat in the abdomen can cause cardiovascular problems. We will now analyze in detail what are the best habits to adopt to reduce the abdomen both from the point of view of nutrition and physical activity.

To remove the belly is important to be careful with the diet

First is very important to chew each bite to accelerate the process of digestion and thus prevent food take longer to be processed in our system, this helps to prevent the formation of gases and consequent inflammation of the stomach.

Reduce the abdomen and stress

It has been shown that there is a relationship between high levels of stress continuous in time and the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. This is because when the body is facing a long period of high stress, the body produces a substance called cortical stress hormone, which seems to have an active role in the accumulation of fat in the belly.  This explains why many people, who do not have weight problems or bad eating habits have excess fat accumulates in the abdomen gives. In light of all this, it is clear that those who want to reduce the abdomen should first take steps to eliminate stress.

These are the basic rules for healthy eating:

First, it is important to drink plenty of water because it promotes the breakdown of fat by the body. Those who drink little water are more likely to belly fat. This improves digestion and increases metabolism reduces anxiety eating. Reduce salt and sugar to a minimum as it causes water retention and sugar causes insulin spikes that stimulate appetite.  Include whole foods because they are rich in fiber that helps clean the intestines avoiding unpleasant bloating. Avoid carbonated drinks alcoholic drinks and salad dressings mayonnaise butter or margarine.

Physical activity

Stress management and healthy eating are complemented effectively with physical activity to eliminate belly you should regularly practice physical activity cardio type running cycling and aerobics and combine it with possibly some abdominal exercises. Alone abdominal exercises has no effect for the purposes of reducing the abdomen in fact it can increase the volume of muscle under the fat and if not is first removed belly fat the opposite effect is obtained. After the first few days of training, everything will be easier and more fun generally people give up at this early stage. The first results will give the burden to continue with enthusiasm remember it is not just a matter of appearance if not our health care.

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