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How to control appetite

When we talk about weight loss and many do not know what to do because despite eating properly ea scale still remained immovable. Therefore, it is important to consider a number of points that can help us not to stop eating and maintaining a proper weight. Therefore, in this post we want to dwell on these points. It is essential to bear in mind that at the time of taking food there is an vital psychological component. On the one hand, we have the physiological need to equip the body of nutrients to function, and the other is the gastronomic culture and what we have been taught over the years. That is the most vital fraction and the guilty, in most cases, that inability to lose weight.


Control calories

First, we need to be aware of the calories that give us food. Knowing the calories you give us versus nutrients that are going to provide is essential, and it is easy to make a little exercise before food to eat food. As much as we like, often a food like sweets or foods high in saturated fats, sometimes we only provide that, no important nutrient, which will once again have hunger and we exceed the calories needed for a day.

Includes dietary protein

They consume foods rich in protein will help to satisfy hunger before. Therefore, this type of nutrient must be an important part of the diet. It is important to include good quality protein to help us be satisfied more and have a body in perfect condition. We must not ignore the rest of nutrients, but yes, always choosing good provenance.

Stress was

Staying relaxed and avoid stress we also help in controlling food intake, and stress causes us to decant more high-calorie foods. Sport is a good way out to end the stress, and help us better control hunger, because the sport much better we will raise awareness of our body and therefore what we should or should not eat.

Sleep well

Do not forget that sleep is important when controlling hunger, because when the body rests and relaxes the brain consumes much less than when we sleep less. Extra Ester consumption by the brain causes the feeling of hunger during baking and thus greater food intake, thus putting at risk our weight

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