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The most common feeling actually cheated on you many years

You may really did not believe that hunger is sometimes a fake signal. Some people will say, how can even he cannot tell the really hungry or false hungry? If you don’t believe it, look at these kinds of “false hungry” signal, there may be one of yours?

1, often feel particularly hungry before go to sleep

In most cases, before you go to sleep at night, you feel the hunger is not really hungry, but because your body cells lack water, so the brain is misleading to send a false signal.

Recommendation: before going to bed, you can drink a cup of green fruit and vegetable juice, both in a timely manner to add water, but also to solve the sense of hunger, but also to release fructose, to help relax the nerves, promote sleep.


2, feel hungry just after eat something

Some people would have the feeling that they feel hungry just finished eating, no sense of fullness, especially want to eat sweets or something. In fact, this is also a kind of false hunger. May be eating some of the food is simple, which lack of a sense of full feeling of cellulose, protein or healthy fats, and then lead to a decrease in blood sugar, resulting in “false hungry” phenomenon.

Recommendation: you can eat healthy snacks, such as a piece of fresh fruit, a handful of nuts, cheese or peanut butter, etc..

3, especially want to eat something when the mood is not good

When the fear, anxiety, stress, loneliness and other negative emotions appears, it will interfere with the appetite of the complex control of the complex nervous system, resulting in loss of appetite, there is a sense of hunger. So, a lot of people used to eat in a bad mood, as a way to ease.

Suggestion: try to make a walk, write a diary, listening to music, call a friend, read a book, to chew mint gum, library or museum when in a bad mood, these positive things may help you avoid false hunger.

4, fatigue and hunger after the exercise

Many people will feel fatigue after exercise, but mistakenly confused with hunger with fatigue, so they will go to eat a big meal. In fact, people hormone secretion in the body to control the appetite of the hunger is not very direct related with movement itself.

Suggestion: fatigue after exercise only need to add some specific nutrients, such as the choice of chicken or other meat, which can supplement protein after exercise muscles consume a lot of energy, also can choose brown rice or other whole grains.

5, watching TV while eating something may be boring to eat

A lot of people like to eat while watching TV, after the event was surprised to realize that they have been eating a big bag of potato chips or a lot of melon seeds. This may be because the television program is too exciting, so you do not pay attention to what you are eating, it may be because of boredom, some experts say, people looking for something to eat when bored is also one of the instinct.

Advice: before watching TV, first feel how hungry you are, and then decide whether to prepare or prepare the amount of snacks. Furthermore, it is best not to let the hands idle when watching TV, you can watch while doing manual work, or read books magazines, put ads up and walk around for a moment, this can let you reduce eating extra food.

These false hungry believe you must have met in reality, perhaps before see this article, you also feel that they are really hungry, you may eat it with every time. But now know this fact, after the appearance of such a situation, you need to be cautious.


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