The last time I went to Europe I was in college; it was the year 2009. Lin and I took a summer course together in Florence for 4 weeks. We joke that Italy is where we fell in love. But really- it’s where we got to know each other REALLY well. At this point in my life, I was pre-eating disorder (you can read about my story here)…actually I think I was in full swing. I cared wayyyy to much about trying to fit a workout in before class and making sure I had healthy options to eat, than experiencing the Italian culture. While I wasn’t restricting big time like I started to do a few months later, I was having negative body image thoughts and food/fitness was consuming my every thought.

Looking back I shake my head and think that I missed such an amazing opportunity to be young and free in a foreign country, but I wouldn’t take it back for a second. I learned a lot about myself that trip and the months/years following that. I learned a lot about self love, what makes me happy and why, and how to be present. It’s fun to reminisce with Lin about how far we’ve both come in life and the fact we’ve known each other for 9 years! Yup- Lin was Team Fit Foodie before it even existed.

There are so many things I am going to do different this time around in Europe, like drink really good wine…every night, order what the locals do, stay up late, not worry about working out every damn day, EXPLORE, and just be young…damnit. I feel like my early 20’s were a little bit skewed because of my disordered eating and poor relationship with exercise and food. I am in such a better place right now and I actually know what FUN and HAPPINESS feels like. SO WATCH OUT EUROPE….12 days and counting!



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