Hello my lovely friends! Did you all have an amazing 4th of July weekend? The 4th is my second favorite holiday (behind Thanksgiving) and this one did NOT disappoint! My parents moved from Cleveland back home to Chicago (where they grew up) and my siblings and I were all there to help with the move. They moved to an adorable suburb on the SW side called Burr Ridge. I’m so excited to explore with them later in the summer/year!

Anyways, my 4th was great minus the fact that Man Candy wasn’t with me. He was fishing in Canada with his dad and grandpa! My family spent the day at my aunt and uncle’s pool eating BBQ and playing lawn games (I AM A DONKEY BALLS CHAMPION). The weather was a weird overcast, but I was just happy to be outside! Whenever I am at my parent’s house it makes me want a dog SO BAD. Their yellow lab, Sasha, is literally me in dog form. She just wants to be loved at all times and is so needy and quirky. LOVE HER SO MUCH. I had a great/light week of workouts. We took the pups on many walks along with a couple legit Summer Sweat Series workouts at a nearby park. My mom brought me to her new gym, Lifetime (which is based here in MN!), which was fun too! I actually ended up getting a smoothie post-workout and it was my inspiration for this recipe. There’s nothing like banana + chocolate after a workout. Thirst-quenching and delicious.

Today’s recipe is sponsored by Almond Breeze, my favorite almond milk and rightfully so!


I LOVE SMOOTHIES and I don’t make them nearly enough. They’re so easy to make and you can hide so much good stuff in there and not even know it! They’re also the perfect summertime snack because they’re chilled.

This smoothie in particular is one of my favorites. 1. I love layered smoothies, 2. BANANA + CHOCOLATE = LOVE, and 3. It’s SO THICK. Nothing worse than a thin smoothie, amiright? I actually almost NEVER add ice to my smoothies because I feel like that thins it out and makes it watery. Frozen fruit is the way to go!

It’s super awesome that Almond Breeze is a sponsor of the USA Volleyball Team. Volleyball is one of my favorite events to watch. I am almost positive that I saw a USA athlete at the airport last weekend because she was decked out in Team USA gear. I’m just saying…The amount of protein in this smoothie makes it an excellent choice for fuel after a workout…cough cough Kerri Walsh.

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