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Slay Stress: 4 Ideas For People Who Can’t Find Their Calm

Every night is the same thing…

You’re lying in bed, but you can’t sleep.

You try sleeping on your left side. You try sleeping on your right side. You try sleeping on your back. But still, you’re wide awake.

Too many things are going on in your life. You simply can’t shut down your mind.

Maybe your relationship is going downhill or your family is falling apart.

Maybe you owe more money than you make, and you’re worried about ending up living in a card box on the street.

Maybe you’re too busy and the pace of modern life is killing you.

But whatever your case is, you can’t cope with stress anymore.

And you may think the answer to stopping feeling this way is to keep your head down and solve your problems.

If you fix your relationship or find a better job or get your pending work done, you should feel more relaxed, right?

Well, yes and no.

Life is like a roller coaster. It has ups and downs. Even if you solve your current problems, more and more challenges will come in the future.

Thus, the answer lies not in solving your problems, but in learning to handle stress every time it seizes you.

And that’s exactly what this post contains. I’ll show you four original ideas to find the calm you’re looking for.

1. Kick Someone’s Butt

Admit it…sometimes you feel like kicking some butt. You’re so stressed and would love to pick a fight with a random stranger to let off some steam. I mean, blacken their eyes, bloody their nose, and kick them in the balls.

Now, if you expect me to say “Don’t do it,” I won’t. Few things are more crushing than swallowing your anger. If you can’t cope with it, you better let it go, somehow.

But before you start thinking I’m a juiced up jock who loves getting into random bar fights, let me explain my point.

Instead of fighting with random people on the street, visit your local gym. See if they offer some kind of fighting lessons—such as MMA or Boxing—and join the class.

Generally speaking, these places are safe, and you can fight with people at your “level.”

It’s a fantastic way to relieve some stress without ending up with a broken nose or leg.

2. Let The Rain Wash Away Your Stress

For some strange reason, we seem to relax when we listen to the heavenly sound of rain.

Think about it. What’s more relaxing than sitting on your window seat cushion on a rainy day? The mere fact of witnessing this glorious show of nature seems to shut up our inner demons and help us find calm.

Now, wouldn’t be wonderful that every time you felt stressed, you could listen to the rain?

Now you can.

This free app from SimplyNoise allows you to switch on the sound of rain at any time, anywhere you go.

So next time you feel overwhelmed, put on your headphones and let the rain wash away your stress.

3. Apply This 20-Second Relaxation Trick

Every time you feel cornered by negative emotions, apply this simple exercise:

Step 1: Close your eyes and bring to your mind something that makes you happy. Anything you’re grateful for in life. It can be a good memory, a person, a thing, a job or whatever. If you’re genuinely thankful for it, it will work.

Step 2: Sharpen the image in your mind. Think about the details. How does it feel having this “thing” in your life? Does it make you feel happy? Or blessed? Or excited? Capture these feelings and try to make them vivid.

The point of this short exercise is to fill your mind with happy thoughts. If these thoughts are clear enough, you should start feeling more relaxed. So make sure to “sharpen” this mental image as much as you can.

“Simple,” You think, “But does it really work?”

The answer lies in understanding two things:

First, you can’t feel more than one emotion at a time. If you’re happy or excited or peaceful, you can’t feel stressed simultaneously.

And second, your thoughts dictate how you feel. If you think stressful things, you’ll feel stressed. If you stuff your brain with peaceful thoughts, you’ll feel more peaceful.

It’s that simple.

4. Embrace Minimalism

We live in a complex world.

Every day, we’re bombarded with a myriad of “micro” choices…

What outfit should I wear today? What do I want for breakfast? Should I get to work or just sit on my couch and watch some TV? Should I post a new status on my Facebook wall? Should I go to that party or get some rest? Whatever. You get the point.

At first glance, these questions seem harmless. But having to make so many decisions every day makes you accumulate stress (the price of modern life, huh?).

Now, minimalism can make your life way simpler. How? By emptying your life from all that unnecessary stuff.

Have a pair of shoes you don’t use? Why not give them to charity? Have a bunch of nonworking devices stored in your garage? Why not get rid of them? Why not get rid of your TV, by the way? Tough choice. I know. But if you think about it, you’ll realize you can live without it.

Label all your possessions with “I need it” and “I don’t need it,” and put all your garbage where it should be…in the trash can.

I promise. You’ll feel way better after that.

It’s Time to Find Your Calm

Stop for a moment and ask yourself:

“Am I willing to find my calm?”

You see, many people complain about how stressed they are. But when the time comes to do something about it, they hesitate. They aren’t willing to move from their comfort zone and take action.

And now it’s time to decide once and for all. Are you serious about supporting yourself in this journey?

If you’re serious, then pick one of the ideas you learned today, and apply it.

Because that’s the first step to turning your ugly life into a great one.

Andy Poncebot is on a lifelong mission to help people discover who they truly are and to make their empty, boring life, sparkle. Take his 9-question quiz:  “What Ancient Mantra Better Fits Your Personality?” to learn more about yourself and see how a simple group of words can transform your life forever.

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