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Do Britons rank fitness higher than love?

Britons think fitness is more important than love life, but sex can improve health and burn calories.

Leading sports supplement company MyProtein.com has released research stating that Britons prioritise fitness over their love life.

Although this might be good news for obesity, heart disease and other weight-related illnesses, it might not be so for those in anticipation of a steamy Valentine’s Day this year.

5594 people were surveyed, and the findings revealed that 66% believe family is the most important thing to them in February. 7% said work, 5% said training and only a tiny 3% said their love life, despite Valentine’s Day falling this month.

In light of this research, it’s interesting to point out that the NHS states that sex can reduce the risk of heart attack, help people to live longer and releases happy hormones.

Furthermore, according to The Ultimate Sex Diet by Kerry McCloskey, a half-hour sex session can burn between 150-350 calories, too. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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