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This Simple Hack Gets You a Perfectly Round Cookie Every Time

A perfectly round chocolate chip cookie on a plate.

Let’s be honest. The most important thing about a cookie is its taste. If you’re hosting or taking a dozen cookies to an event, though, you also want them to look pretty.

Turns out, there’s a TikTok hack for getting perfectly round cookies right out of the oven.

Content creator @babychrismom has garnered over 15 million views on a video showing how she uses a cup to ensure her cookies are round, and it’s markedly easier than you might think. In fact, it doesn’t even have anything to do with how you bake them.

In the video, the creator removes a group of freshly baked cookies from the oven. Then, she uses a round mug, places the hollow end over the top so that the entire cookie is underneath. Once covered, she begins swirling the mug around the cookie. In just a few seconds, she removes the mug to reveal a perfectly round cookie.


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The key to this hack is making sure you swirl the cookies as soon as they come out of the oven and be sure to not overbake them. Since the dough hasn’t completely hardened, and the cookies aren’t baked too much, they can still be manipulated thanks to the soft center. The next time you want to impress someone with perfect cookies, this is a great trick.

While this hack doesn’t involve any change to the baking, it does matter in terms of a cookie’s spread. Before you try this hack, you might want to check out this guide on how to perfectly chill cookie dough.

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