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Make a Perfect Breakfast Sandwich With This Viral Device

A woman uses a device to make a breakfast sandwich.

If you’ve ever tried to make your own breakfast sandwich at home—toasted muffin and all—you know that things can get messy. Dripping cheese and messy flipping can be a real bummer for your breakfast. There’s something that can help.

TikTok content creator Kellie Atkinson showcased a small appliance designed specifically to make the perfect breakfast sandwich, and it’s not even expensive!


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In her video, Atkinson uses the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, which retails for just $29.99 on Amazon. First, she sprays a bit of cooking spray into the bottom section of the machine, and then, she adds the bottom half of a muffin, a slice of cheese, and a piece of Canadian bacon. Then, she adds the second layer, sprays the machine again, cracks an egg inside, tops it with the top of the muffin, and then closes the machine.

After a moment, she opens the machine, removes the section separating the egg from the rest of the sandwich, and boom, a perfect breakfast sandwich.

Not only does the machine make breakfast sandwiches markedly easier to make, but it’s also small and able to be easily stored. Then, there’s the fact that it comes in five different colors including pink and blue.

If you crave a tasty breakfast sandwich in the morning, this viral tool might be worth shopping. When you’re making your perfect morning meal. you might want to add this ingredient to help boost productivity.

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