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Wolfgang Puck’s Perfect Omelet Method Might Surprise You

A person makes an omelette.

While a seemingly simple food, eggs are also a complicated dish to make. From avoiding scorching to ensuring they’re cooked throughout, you have to be diligent. Thankfully, though, a famed chef is sharing his egg secrets.

Wolfgang Puck showcased how to make the perfect omelet on his TikTok, and the recipe is kind of like scrambled eggs and an omelet had a baby.

The chef begins his recipe by scrambling eggs in a bowl and adding chopped parsley and shredded parmesan. When thoroughly combined, he tosses in a bit of cream and mixes again. Next, he moves on to adding olive and a bit of butter to a hot pan before pouring in the eggs.

Puck then does something a bit surprising. Instead of letting the eggs rest, he scrambles them a little in the pan allowing them to firs up. Before they fully become scrambled eggs, though, he lets them sit and then folds them over for a scrambled egg-like inside and smooth omelet outside.


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Once done, he cuts a piece from the omelet, puts it on toasts, and takes a bite. Then, he serves a bit to his son but tops it with caviar (fancy, fancy!).

Not a big fan of omelets? You can always try his scrambled egg recipe.

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