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This Bacon Cooking Hack Will Get You Ultra Crispy Pieces

Cooked pieces of bacon sit in a cast iron skillet on top of a wooden cutting board.

To say there are a lot of ways to cook bacon is an understatement. From baking to frying in a skillet, there’s a lot you can do, but few of them involve adding water—until now.

At-home chef and TikTok content creator Chris ‘Flavor God’ Wallace took to the internet to showcase how adding water to your skillet when you fry bacon can help add to the meat’s signature crunch.

In the video, Wallace adds five pieces of uncooked bacon to a skillet before pouring water over top. Wallace adds a caption that the water should only be enough to graze the top of the bacon—aka not much at all. Then, start cooking on high heat. The water will evaporate from the heat, and once this happens, turn the heat down to medium and finish cooking.


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According to Wallace, the water will heat the initial heat down when you begin cooking and keep the bacon from burning while the fat renders down. Wallace claims this results in a crispier piece of bacon.

While you’ll need to try Wallace’s hack for yourself to find out if it works—and be extremely careful mixing water and fat in a skillet—one bacon-cooking hack has proven itself to be a hit: twisted bacon. The TikTok hit took on a variety of iterations and seasonings but involves twisted your bacon into what’s essentially a swizzle stick.

If you’re skeptical of Wallace’s hack, there’s always twisted bacon.

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