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How to Make Perfect Jammy Eggs

A person makes soft-boiled eggs.

Making the perfect soft-boiled egg can be quite the task. You want them perfectly cooked on the exterior with a jammy interior. Thankfully, one creator is showing you how to do it.

According to Elena Besser, a content creator and recipe developer, the cooldown is key when it comes to crafting the perfect soft-boiled egg.

In her video—which is part of a series on simple how-tos—Besser begins by bringing a pot of water to a boil. Then, using a spoon, she places two eggs into the water being careful not to bring the shells before setting a timer for six and a half minutes.

While the eggs are boiling, she adds ice cubes to a large glass bowl and fills it with cold water. This is the key part of the process. She removes the eggs from the boiling water and places them into the ice-cold bath to sit for two minutes. According to Besser, this shocks the eggs and prevents them from continuing to cook.


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Once they’ve sat, she taps the eggs onto a flat surface to being the peeling process. Besser gets her egg started and then uses a spoon to easily remove the rest of the shell. Once finished, she cuts them in half and serves them with scallions dressed in lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

If you’re looking for a simple weekday snack you and prep ahead of time, Besser’s jammy eggs are a good option.

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