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How to Cook Pasta in 60 Seconds

A person cooks spaghetti.

It’s pasta night. You’re making spaghetti, and you’ve got your meat and sauce done. Then, you realize you never started your noodles. Well, there’s a hack that can prevent this from happening in the future.

You can cook pasta in 60 seconds if you remember to prep it.

Unfortunately, if you forgot to cook your noodles, you will have to prepare them as normal. The best way to ensure that doesn’t happen, though, is to prep your pasta beforehand. When you do, the noodles will take just 60 seconds to cook. So how do you do it?

You’ll need to think ahead for your upcoming dinner. An hour before you’re ready to start cooking, fill a pot with cold water. Drop the pasta in and let it sit for an hour. The pasta will turn white, but don’t worry, the color will come back when cooked.

Once it has soaked and you’re actually preparing dinner, bring your pasta water to a boil, drop the soaked noodles in, and they’ll be ready in a minute. Because you’re hydrating the pasta beforehand, it’ll cook faster than if it were dry.

There are, however, drawbacks to this method. It won’t generate the same pasta water that some recipes call for, and you won’t be able to toast your noodles beforehand for extra flavor. However, if you’re just in for a speedy, weekday meal, this hack is worth a try.

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