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How to Get Sauce to Stick to Chicken

A person cooks chicken in sauce.

You’ve made a delicious sauce for your stir fry, but you just can’t seem to get it to stick. While sure, it’ll still taste great, it doesn’t taste as good as the take-out you were trying to avoid spending cash on. What do you do?

There’s a simple ingredient in your pantry that can help: cornstarch.

Talia Koren, author of Workweek Lunch, shared the trick will discussing how to best make sauces. According to the recipe developer and cookbook author, once your sauce is made, you can add a bit of cornstarch to the mix. Not only will this help to thicken up your creation, but it also, in turn, will help it adhere to your chicken or whatever protein you might be using.

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Koren’s advice to use cornstarch wasn’t her only good tip. The entire video centers on how to ensure you make the best sauces possible. To start, she recommends cooking your sauces uncovered on low to medium for several minutes in order to let them reduce.

She also recommends adding both a sweet and acidic element to you sauce in order to round out the flavor. Add your cornstarch, and then, remember that the sauce will thicken as it cools. Follow all these steps, and Koren says you’ll get the perfect sauce.

If you want to experiment and make new sauces for you weekday dinners or lunch meal prep, Koren’s cornstarch advice could be the secret to a perfect recipe.

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