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What Is Proffee? It’s TikTok’s Latest Obsession

An iced coffee sits on a table.

A classic cup of coffee is the way a lot of people start their mornings. According to TikTok, though, there’s a new coffee recipe that could help jump-start your morning routine even better.

TikTok’s latest coffee craze is the proffee.

What is proffee, though? Like the portmanteau itself, it’s a combination of coffee—typically iced—and protein meant to give your morning routine a kick. Most of the recipes combine cold brew or iced coffee with pre-made vanilla or chocolate-flavored protein shakes. Essentially, proffee is a coffee-based breakfast that’s ideal for people on the go (and tastes good). Honestly, it’s kind of a great idea.

But is proffee good for you? According to Donna Burke, a NASM-certified personal trainer and nutritionist, it can be. She explained to Bustle that protein is a macronutrient that helps keep you full and can give you more energy throughout the day. For those who choose to work out in the morning, it’s especially helpful as protein aids in muscle repair and rebuilding lean muscles.

There is one thing to keep in mind, however. If your proffee recipe calls for extra syrups, drizzles, or creams, you could end up consuming too much sugar for the day. While those pre-made protein shakes are easy to grab and add to your coffee, they might not have the best ingredients. Instead, adding a scoop of high-quality protein powder to your typical ice coffee recipe might be a better route to take.

The next time you see a proffee video pop up on your TikTok for you page, it might be worth trying out for yourself. If you do, check out this hack that will prevent your proffee from getting watered down as you sip.

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