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La Croix Is Launching a New Flavor for Spring

A can of La Croix is decorated with flowers.

While we might still be in the middle of winter, spring is on the way. A major seltzer brand is already getting in on the new flavors.

La Croix launched a Cherry Blossom seltzer, and from the flavor to the packaging, it’s perfect for warmer weather.

The flavor features a “botanical twist of sweet and just a ‘kiss’ of tart” according to a company spokesperson who detailed the launch in a press release. While it launched on Valentine’s Day as a sweet, pink-hued romantic drink, it’s going to be ideal for spring. After all, spring is cherry blossom season.

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“For centuries, the cherry blossom has represented freshness, splendor, and delicate beauty,” said the company’s spokesperson. “The flavor of LaCroix Cherry Blossom uniquely blooms with the bliss, fragrance, and calming essence of this brilliant flower. We developed the distinctive taste and stunning packaging of Cherry Blossom to convey the Dazzling Taste of Spring!

As for when you can start shopping for the new flavor, it’s available beginning in March, so you’ve still got a bit before you can head into your local grocery store and snag. However, when it does arrive, it’ll be just in time for spring.

In the meantime, though, you can also go for some spring-ready tea.

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