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How to Prevent Parchment Paper From Rolling

A role of parchment paper is in between baking ingredients.

If you’re a frequent baker, you know that parchment paper can be your best friend. However, you also know it can be a real pain to deal with thanks to its propensity for rolling. As it turns out, though, there’s a hack for that.

Content creator Michelle Lopez showcased how to prevent parchment paper from rolling, and it’s markedly simpler than you might think.

In her video, Lopez begins by placing a piece of parchment paper onto a rimmed baking sheet. Once she removes her hands, the paper immediately begins to roll up. As a solution, she picks up the paper and scrunched it up into a loose ball in her hands. Then, she carefully pulls it apart and places it back on top of the baking sheet bending the edges a bit to better fit the sheet. When she does, it doesn’t roll at all, and she’s able to easily place cookies on top.

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While this trick might not work for recipes that require a perfectly flat bottom (like candy), it’s a winner for those looking to bake bread, cookies, or any other baked good. It requires no additional tools, basically no additional time, and still works like a charm.

If you’ve got some bread or Easter baked goods in your future, this parchment paper hack might be for you.

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