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The Best Guacamole Requires a Specific Type of Avocado

Whole and cut avocados sit together in a horizontal line.

In my opinion, every season is guacamole season. However, spring and summer are truly when everyone seems to want a side of guac. If you plan on making your own, though, there’s one secret you should know.

Haas avocados are the type you’ll need for the best guacamole.

While, of course, you can make guacamole from any avocado variety and have it taste fine, Haas avocados are particularly well suited to the dip. The fruit is fattier than other varieties and features a lower water content than the large, Florida variety. The flavor is also richer, and they’re easier to whip and mash to form the guacamole base.

As for crafting your guac, you likely already have a favorite recipe, but there are tons of variations you can try. From adding extra citrus like lemon (in addition to the traditional lime juice) to popping in a sweet element via fruits like mango, experiment with your recipe this summer.

Don’t worry about browning if you don’t eat it all. There’s an easy (and delicious) hack that uses pico de gallo to keep it fresh.

Bought some Haas avocados that aren’t quite ripe enough for guac yet? This ripening hack will have you making your delicious guac in no time.

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