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The Best Coffee Canisters

Coffee beans in five glass jars.

Buying Guide for Coffee Canisters

A white engraved coffee canister next to a coffee mug.

Why buy a coffee canister?

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you don’t want to let your coffee go to waste. Keep your coffee beans or grounds fresh and ready to go by storing them in a coffee canister. It’s an easy way to get a tastier cup of coffee and make your favorite coffee last longer. Perk up your morning pick-me-up with this awesome product.

What should you consider in a coffee canister?

  • Security: When it comes to a coffee canister, security is all about how airtight your canister is. The better your canister keeps air out, the more fresh your beans will be. You’ll want to go with an option that does not compromise on freshness.
  • Size: How much coffee do you drink? If you’re powering through half a dozen cups, you’ll want a coffee canister with optimal space for your beans. If you’re more of a casual drinker, you’ll be fine going with a less bulky canister. There are plenty of options out there, so go with what’s best for your needs.
  • Design: There’s a variety of options out there in terms of styles and looks. There are some canisters that are meant to store kitchen items, including coffee beans; there are also canisters designed specifically for beans. Consider what’s important to you before making your decision.

Are there any special features you should consider in a coffee canister?

Some coffee canisters come with cool features that improve your coffee-brewing process. There are digital timers that let you know how long the beans have been stored, as well as magnetic scoops that stick to the side of the canister. These are definitely not needed, but they can provide fun and efficiency to your cup of coffee.

Our Picks for the Best Coffee Canisters

Pros: The Bean Envy Coffee Canister is a versatile storage option for your favorite coffee beans. It’s made to last and to be resistant against rust with a design featuring premium stainless steel. It also looks cool, so you won’t at all mind having it on your counter or keeping it somewhere guests will see it. As an added bonus, it’s made to store more than just coffee beans: stash your tea, flour, sugar, and more inside.

Cons: This option does come with a stainless-steel scoop that’s meant to hang on the side; however, the clasp that holds it will occasionally break off.

Bottom Line: This is a great option that covers what you need from a coffee canister. It tracks how long your beans have been inside, offers a CO2 release valve, and even comes with a cool scoop. The best part is that it does a great job preserving your coffee beans for freshness.


Pros: The Coffee Gator Coffee Canister is designed with one main goal in mind: to keep your beans locked in an airtight unit. Made from stainless steel, this storage unit will preserve your beans until they’re ready for brewing. There are a couple of cool extra features that make this a snazzy option— a date tracker so that you can always know how long your beans have been in there and a magnetic scoop that sticks to the side.

Cons: The side clip can be rigid, making it difficult to open.

Bottom Line: Bring home a 64-ounce of coffee-preserving power with this canister. It has plenty of bells and whistles to make it an exciting option while still doing a great job at preserving your coffee beans.


Pros: The 77L Store Food Storage Jar is a classic glass option to keeping your beans fresh. While it doesn’t come with any special additions, it offers nearly 20 ounces of storage. The bamboo lid includes a silicone covering to keep air out for longer storage times. Plus, you can write on the glass if you want to make note of the date or write a description of the beans inside.

Cons: This is a very basic option that is meant to hold any spices or food items and not designed specifically for coffee.

Bottom Line: If you need a coffee canister that you can rely on to get the job done, this is the choice for you. There’s nothing special about this unit, but it does exactly what it’s meant to do: keep your coffee beans fresh. Plus, there are a variety of sizing options so you can get exactly the size you need.


Pros: The Old Dutch Store Set of 4 Canisters gives you plenty of options for where to store your beans. The four canisters come in different sizes, not only offering you extra storage space, but options for which beans you keep where. These canisters also feature a snazzy copper design that looks great in most kitchens. Plus, these canisters are great at storing other foods as well, including pasta, sugar, and flour.

Cons: The canisters are slightly less sleek in person.

Bottom Line: These canisters are an awesome option if you need multiple containers to store your coffee. Choose from the four different sizes, rearrange them how you like, and use any extra space for other items in your kitchen you need to keep fresh.


Pros: The DOWAN Ceramic Kitchen Canister is a sleek-looking container that you can put in the washing machine when you need to clean it. It comes with a bamboo lid that makes it an airtight container, so you can store your beans for however long you need. This canister is made to last and is super easy to clean and dry. You won’t have to worry about rust with this coffee canister.

Cons: The lid isn’t as airtight as advertised.

Bottom Line: The simple design of this coffee canister complements its effectiveness. While you won’t be blown away by any additional features, this is a classic-looking canister that does a solid job keeping coffee beans fresh. The extra bonus is that it’s safe to wash in the dishwasher.

Final Thoughts

Stop brewing coffee with stale beans by using the benefits of a coffee canister. It is a great way to ensure freshness and prevent your beans from losing flavor, smell, or taste while adding your own design or style to your kitchen with so many options to choose from.

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