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The Best Moscow Mule Mugs

Moscow mule cocktail with lime, mint, and cucumber.

Buying Guide for Moscow Mule Mugs

Moscow mule cocktail in copper mug.

Why buy a Moscow mule mug?

High-quality Moscow mule mugs are made of 100% copper because the metal is a thermal conductor, chilling quickly in response to the icy cocktail mix. This means the ice stays solid for longer, and your Moscow mule cocktail maintains its ingredient proportions. That is to say, your cocktail won’t water down as quickly as it would in glass, for example. Some connoisseurs say that copper increases the fizziness of the spicy ginger beer and even brings out the textures and tones of the vodka and lime juice.

What should you look for in a Moscow mule mug?

  • Quality: You want to be sure to look for 100% copper with no stainless steel, tin, or nickel to make the best Moscow mules. Copper serves a temperature and possibly taste function, but it’s also a tradition. Some brands use a lacquer finish to protect the copper and keep its shine, while others value a lacquer-free mug. The difference is mostly a matter of taste. Pure copper will tarnish over time. Many drinkers love this natural process.
  • Design: You’ll encounter variations on the traditional bowl-shaped, hammered Moscow mule mug, some of which are a matter of appearance, others a matter of function. For example, the narrower, cylindrical version keeps cocktails colder because more of the liquid is in contact with the copper. Some designs feature intricate embossments. Additionally, some manufacturers prioritize a smooth, rounded lip and others a wide, curved handle for a good grip and to prevent the warmth of your hand from influencing the temperature of your drink.
  • Extras: The most common bonus items are copper shot glasses, copper straws, and recipe eBooks. Which to look for? That is purely a matter of taste. The recipe book may be helpful if you feel stuck drinking the same old cocktail. Several users dislike the straws, while others claim the cold copper straw heightens the experience of an icy cold Moscow mule.

What are some tips for keeping your Moscow mule mug from tarnishing?

Over time, your copper mug will most likely turn green after being used—but no need to fret, there are easy and simple solutions to maintain their shine. If you have lemon or lime on hand, dip a slice into some sea or table salt, and scrub the mug in slow circles inside and out. When the tarnish is removed, run the mug under warm water and dry thoroughly. You can also use vinegar and salt and vinegar and baking soda as mixed solutions, apply them to the mug with a sponge, and then rinse and dry.

Our Picks for the Best Moscow Mule Mugs

Pros: Moscow mule mug purists will be pleased to know that this set of two handcrafted copper mugs is made of 100% copper. The well-constructed mugs are also free of chemical lining. Even when you’re not drinking from them, their shine will brighten your kitchen if you set them somewhere visible. With the set, you also get a copper shot glass, which works for measuring the vodka, and an eBook with tons of variations on the traditional Moscow mule.

Cons: These feel too lightweight for the value.

Bottom Line: They’re shiny with a unique hammered look and will keep your cocktail cold. This set also comes with a recipe book to kickstart your cocktail-making journey in the kitchen.


Pros: What a fantastic gift opportunity for the Moscow mule cocktail lovers, you know. The set comes with genuine copper mugs, four copper straws, and a copper shot glass. The mugs themselves are designed as close to the original Moscow mule mugs as possible: a bowl shape with a hammered surface and a welded, curved handle. Additional attractive properties of the copper mug include: no inner lining, tarnish resistance, third-party-tested food-grade copper, and gift-box packaging.

Cons: The copper straws are too sharp.

Bottom Line: This four-set piece is an excellent addition to your bar cart or can be a wonderful housewarming gift for a friend. It comes with straws and a shot glass for a complete drinking experience with your favorite Moscow Mule.


Pros: Advanced Mixology took a new approach to the classic Moscow mule mug, opting for a narrower cylindrical shape over the classic bowl-shaped design. The copper itself is 100% pure food-grade copper and protected with a lacquer coating inside and out that guarantees that it’s tarnish- , rust- , and stain-resistant. The handle is hand-welded rather than riveted, which prevents leakage. Finally, the rim is rounded and smooth for a comfortable sip.

Cons: These are on the lighter and thinner side.

Bottom Line: This set of two sleek copper mugs is a fun aesthetic approach to your typical rounded Moscow mule mug shape. They are great to pull out for a date night or a friend’s hangout for two.



Pros: The makers of these Moscow mule mugs went above and beyond to create a beautiful product. Both mugs are handmade by Indian artisans who make these in an eight-day process and are then embossed with flower filigree over two days. Rather than etched by a machine, the exquisite floral design is handmade using a hammer and small tools. The mugs are 100% premium copper, free of nickel, tin, and steel, and protected with a coating to help reduce stains and oxidation. Included with the set is a 35-page eBook with twenty different recipes. You also get two high-quality copper straws.

Cons: These tarnish easily.

Bottom Line: These mugs are indeed works of art that you can use to decorate your kitchen. Knowing that these are handmade with hours of hard work and attention, you can truly enjoy each sip of your drink.


Pros: These Moscow mule copper mugs are a new take on the traditional ultra shine of raw copper. Like any good set of Moscow mule mugs, these are 100% copper; their stand-out feature is a black matte polish that fades away over time. Don’t worry, this is meant to happen. Because they are handmade, you can expect some minor imperfections such as color differences, scratches, and even black spots. In a way, this set of mugs is a little unorthodox because they’re also suitable for chilled beer, whiskey, and other cocktails. The company says that it takes only three seconds to get an icy cold drink once you’ve poured your glass.

Cons: The black matte finish is not durable.

Bottom Line: Although made with the black matte finish on the outside, these mugs have rose gold copper rims with smooth lips to relish each sip better. Use these in your home for a bold, unique statement.

Final Thoughts

You can choose the exact look you want to make your Moscow mule drinking experience your own with various designs and styles. Tradition, science, and aesthetics make this drink a wonderful one to have, and pouring it in a classic copper mug keeps the fun in it! Keep our options in mind next time you decide to make yourself one.

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