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Coffee Taste Weird After Microwaving? Here’s How to Fix It

A person places a mug of coffee in the microwave.

Your coffee has gone cold, but you need a caffeine fix. Like most people, you probably head to your microwave for a quick reheat. However, the process leaves your coffee tasting weird and stale, so is there a better way?

In order to avoid that odd, post-reheat flavor, you should be slowly warming your coffee on the stove, not in the microwave.

When you warm your coffee in the microwave, it takes the coffee from chilled to hot quickly which is a perk. However, the rapid heating affects everything from the smell to the flavor. When they’re compromised, the coffee will take on a stale taste, making it significantly less pleasant to drink.

The solution is to warm up the coffee slowly on your stove. Since you won’t be shocking the coffee from chilled to hot, it will retain its flavor. The trick is to place it in a pot and let it warm on low heat. Not only does this means you don’t need to constantly stir or babysit it, but it will also prevent burning. No one wants burnt coffee.

Worried about reheating your coffee at work without a stove? Don’t be. You don’t actually need one. Because the idea is to warm the coffee slowly on a low heat setting, a desktop mug warmer will do the trick. Place your chilled cup on the warmer and simply allow it to sit. Keep your coffee on the warmer, and it’ll be ready to drink for the entire day.

Whether you’re simply a slow sipper when it comes to your morning cup of coffee or you tend to sip throughout the day, warming your beverage low and slow is the way to protect all of that delicious flavor.

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