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How to Reseal Wine Bottles with Wax Paper

A wine bottle, corkscrew, and cheese sit on a table.

Unlike liquor, where you can simply add a cap back in the bottle, wine gets a little tricky to store. Once it’s exposed to air, the flavor changes, and when left for long periods of time, it’s no longer enjoyable. You can fix it.

Wine bottles can be resealed using wax paper. While it might take some practice to master this hack, it’s certainly worth the attempt.

First, you’ll need to remember to keep the cork from your open bottle. Once you’re done sipping, grab a piece of wax paper. Wrap it tightly around your cork in a single layer. Then, shove the wrapped end back into the bottle leaving it a bit exposed so you can remove it later. You might have to work a bit to get it in, but the wax paper should act as a lubricant making the cork fit more easily. Plus, because the cork is wrapped, you don’t have to worry about any bits coming off into the wine.

While this method will work in a pinch, if you commonly find yourself with leftover wine, you can always invest in tools that keep your bottle’s cork intact. The Coravin system creates a hole in your cork allowing the wine to flow without removing the cork. The tool then seals it using argon, a non-toxic gas, to seal the space between the leftover wine and the top of the bottle.

If you love a single glass of wine at night but worry about finishing the bottle, some wax paper might be the quick fix.

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