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You Can Turn Spaghetti Into Ramen with This Household Staple

Chopsticks sit on top of a bowl of ramen.

You had the best intentions when you planned out your menu for the week. Now, though, it’s time to make the spaghetti, and you’re just not feeling it. Luckily, one simple ingredient can transform your noodles into Ramen.

All you need to transform that spaghetti into ramen is some baking soda. While this hack won’t give you the most authentic ramen, it’s still an ideal option when you need a quick solution. And according to Serious Eats, it actually works.

When the outlet tested this hack, it found that it works because baking soda is an alkaline substance, much like kansui, the ingredient that gives ramen that yellow shade and springy texture. Kansui is typically added before the noodles are cooked, but since that’s not possible, baking soda can work.

To try this hack for yourself, add roughly two teaspoons for every quart of water. This will stop a bitter flavor from overpouring a delicate ramen broth. Add the baking soda as the water boils. It should foam up, so be cautious about it frothing over.

Toss in your noodles and cook as normal. You’ll need to be a bit more vigilant than usual, though. If too much water evaporates causing a reduction, the baking soda will concentrate. You’ll be left with a bitter noodle.

But that’s it. While it’s not going to taste as good as traditional ramen, if you’re looking to switch up your menu last minute, this might be the hack for you.

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