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Remember This Step When Reheating Frozen Foods

Frozen vegetables sit on a cutting board.

When it comes to saving money, throwing leftovers or pre-prepped big-batch dinners in the freezer are both popular practices. However, there’s one thing you should do before you eat them.

To ensure the best flavor, it’s always a good idea to reseason any frozen foods. When you cook your meals, you season them according to your preferences. However, according to America’s Test Kitchen, in the freezer, food can lose some of its flavor, and the loss continues as you reheat.

To ensure your reheated food tastes just as good as the first time, you’ll need to add a dash of flavor once again. Olive oil, vinegar, and citrus flavors are great options. In fact, acid can work wonders for a variety of dishes. Add lemon or lime to brighten up the flavor and vinegar to add some kick.

Liquid dishes, like soups and stews, might need a little extra help as they could have gotten thicker during freezing. Add a bit of broth (or water) into the dish to get the texture right and then toss in any additional seasoning the dish might need.

The next time you batch cook something and freeze it, be sure to grab the seasonings out of your pantry to add a little oomph.

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