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Make the Best Avocado Toast with This Other Breakfast Staple

Crushed avocado and eggs sit on pieces of toast.

Juicing used to be all the rage for breakfast, and smoothies are still a popular option. For those who want something a bit heartier, but still healthy, avocado toast remains the reigning champ. If you’re looking to upgrade yours even more, though, another breakfast staple could do the trick.

The recipe you should try comes courtesy of Dubai Tastes, and it’s actually pretty simple—you just add a dollop of cream cheese to your avocado, toss in a bit of salt and pepper, and smash it all together.

As you’re making your spread, toast a few pieces of sourdough bread. When done, spread a bit of butter over top, and then, add your avocado and cream cheese blend. Top with a bit more salt and pepper as well as some red pepper flakes, and you’ve got a creamy, new breakfast to try.

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This avocado toast hack is just one of the latest in a long string of new ways to hack the breakfast food. Instead of opting for scrambled or over-easy eggs, why not try the new grated egg trend? Then, there’s the totally new toast that calls for whipped feta instead of avocado. The possibilities are truly endless.

If you’ve been looking to step up your healthy breakfast game, this new recipe might be for you.

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