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How to Get Rid of Cooking Grease With Aluminum Foil

Bacon is cooking in grease in a pan.

If you regularly make bacon, burgers, or other grease-producing foods, you know getting rid of your grease can be a real pain. Of course, you can always save some grease for cooking later, but the rest? That’s the problem.

Getting rid of grease using aluminum foil is the answer.

While no longer active, this trick comes from the unnamed owner of Beyond the Hem boutique. She posted the hack on her business’ Facebook page, and it’s been steadily gaining traction since 2020, and I recently employed it myself.

First, you’ll tear off a medium-sized piece of aluminum foil. Then, place it on top of your garbage disposal or sink drink and form a little bucket or bowl that sits in the space. Make sure the edges of the drain are completely covered to ensure no grease enters it.

When your bowl is formed and secure, start cooking. As you need to drain the grease, do so into the aluminum foil cup you created in your sink. Finish your cooking, and drain the remaining grease you don’t want to keep.

Allow the grease-filled bowl to sit for a few hours—or however long it takes the grease to become solid—then, simply ball it up and toss it in the trash. Pretty clever, right?

So far, I’ve used this trick three times. Twice, it was with bacon grease. I chose to use two sheets of aluminum foil to form my bowl just to be on the safe side, and it worked like a charm.

The only downside is letting the grease sit and not being able to immediately use your sink. If, however, you’ve ever had a full mason jar of grease and didn’t know what to do about it, the trick is worth the time it takes.

The next time you’re making breakfast and bacon is on the menu, this might be a hack worth trying.

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