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How to Get Fluffier Pancakes From a Boxed Mix

Syrup is poured over a stack of pancakes.

When it comes to making a breakfast or brunch everyone will love, pancakes are always a good idea. Even if you don’t have time to make them from scratch, you can still create delicious, fluffy pancakes from a boxed mix with one little tweak.

When you get a boxed pancake mix, it usually instructs you to mix it with water and cook in a buttered pan, and they’ll turn out perfectly tasty. Sometimes, though, your cakes will be a bit flatter than those from-scratch batches your mom or grandma used to make. That’s where sifting can help.

You’ve likely heard of “sifting flour.” This process eliminates clumps and makes the ingredient lighter and you can do the same with your pancake mix. Sifting it will get rid of any lumpy pieces, and also aerate the mixture, adding tiny little air bubbles for a lighter mix. This is what, ultimately, will give you fluffier pancakes.

If you don’t have a sifter, don’t worry—you can also use a fine-mesh strainer. Just grab a large mixing bowl and hold the strainer over it. Slowly add the mix to the strainer. Then, hold the strainer by the handle and lightly tap the side of it with your other hand. It only takes a few extra minutes, and the fluffy, tasty results are totally worth it.

Of course, for those super-busy mornings, there are even easier ways to make pancakes. There are no excuses for skipping breakfast now!

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