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Why Put Egg White in a Cocktail?

A gin fizz is surrounded by bar accessories and lemons.

If you’ve been at a bar or restaurant perusing the cocktail menu and found a drink featuring egg white as an ingredient, you might have been confused. After all, it’s an egg in a cocktail, but there is a reason.

Adding egg white to a cocktail gives it a softer texture, and it provides a frothy, bubbly top layer that makes a beautiful garnish and a fun experience.

Arguably the biggest question about adding egg white is whether or not it makes a drink tastes like, well, eggs. It doesn’t. Because you’re simply adding the white (and not the yolk), it imparts barely any flavor. Instead, the texture and forth are what you’re after.

Using an egg white is more common than you might think as well. Several classic cocktails call for an addition of egg white. If you’ve ever tried a gin fizz, that bubbly top was egg white. A Pisco sour? Yep, that one, too.

If you want to try crafting your own gin or pisco sour at home, what’s the best way to add egg white? First, you’ll want to use the freshest eggs possible and be sure you’ve stored them correctly. You’ll then do a dry shake.

While most shaken cocktails are combined with ice and then shaken in a cocktail shaker, a dry shake occurs when you add all the ingredients—including the egg white—without ice. Shake until the egg whites are whipped and all of the ingredients are combined. Next, add in your ice and shake again to chill the drink. Pour it up, and you’ve got an impressive beverage.

If you’re looking to show off your bartending skills, opting for an egg white cocktail is a great way to impress friends.

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