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Why You Should Be Freezing Your Wine

A person pours wine into an ice cube tray.

If you’re with a group, it’s easy to finish off a bottle of wine. What about those times when you don’t quite get that red wine finished? You might want to grab some ice trays.

Freezing wine is a great way to prolong its life in new ways.

Now, you probably shouldn’t freeze, thaw, and drink the wine straight. It’ll likely lose some of its freshness and flavor. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it.

Frozen red wine can be easily used to make pan sauces, add a burst of flavor to spaghetti, or use for braising. Honestly, though, with warm weather here and entertaining part of the season, frozen wine could be the secret to perfect sangria.

When you’re done with your bottle, grab an ice tray and pour up the remainder of your red wine into each cube. Freeze overnight. The next day, craft your sangria, and instead of popping in ice in order to cool it down and keep it cold, add your frozen wine cubes. You won’t dilute the sangria, and it’ll give it even more flavor.

The next time you’re unable to complete that bottle of wine, grab an ice tray and get to cooking (or making sangria).

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