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Need to Keep Drinks Cool? Grab a Pack of Balloons

A group of blown up balloons are grouped together.

Memorial Day weekend is here, and summer has its unofficial kickoff. With the warm weather comes outdoor entertaining, and if you’re looking for a clever way to keep drinks cold, you might want to grab some balloons.

Frozen balloons are the easiest, non-messy way to keep your drinks cool during outdoor entertaining.

Yes, of course, ice and a good old-fashioned cooler will work. However, as time goes on, the ice begins to melt, leaving behind a sloshing, potentially dirty mess. Plus, reaching your hand into ice-cold water isn’t fun regardless of how much you want that beer.

Balloons are the answer.

You’ll fill the balloons with water, making sure to vary the sizes so they fit between spaces better. Then, place them into a bucket or other container and place them in the freezer. Allow them to sit until completely frozen.

When solid, toss them into your container of choice with your drinks. Now, you’ve got a mess-proof way to keep your drinks cool in the summer heat. Plus, when they do melt, there’s the potential for a water balloon fight.

Whether you’re planning a Memorial Day cookout or you know you’ll be hosting the Fourth of July this year, water balloons might be the best-kept secret of summer entertaining.

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