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What’s a Bottle Beanie? The Cutest Way to Save Your Wine

A person adds a beanie shaped cork into a bottle of red wine.

You’re catching up on Netflix, and you open up a bottle of wine. But the end of the night arrives and you realize you won’t be finishing your bottle. What you need in that moment is a bottle beanie.

What is a bottle beanie, though? Well, honestly, it’s a wine stopper, but it is arguably one of the funniest wine stoppers on Amazon. Isn’t that enough? Don’t we all crave cute, affordable things these days?

The stopper, crafted by the company Monkey Business, is in the shape of a quilted beanie and even features the knitted pattern etched into the shape as well as a faux pom-pom on top. You’ll get a set of two but can choose from a red and gray option or a blue and gray option. While yes, their adorable shape is what caught our eye, we’re not just about aesthetics around here. We also appreciate function.

The bottle beanie wine stoppers are made from silicone and feature a plug built into the center. Thanks to the material, the stopper can fit over several different-sized bottles due to its light stretchability. Plus, it’s durable and the great, versatile fit seals in flavors and aromas. In fact, these stoppers can even be used on sparkling wines and champagne to keep the bubbles intact.

When it comes to care, you can hand wash them using warm soap and water, but they’re also dishwasher safe. Pop them into your top shelf in the dishwasher and run them in a cycle with the rest of your dishes.

If you want a little something to make you happy and preserve your undrunk wine at night, the bottle beanie is the tool you need.

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