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Why You Should Microwave Coleslaw

A bowl of coleslaw.

Coleslaw is best served cold, right? But when it comes to prep, you might want to think about microwaving it. Yes, we know it sounds weird, but hear us out.

According to the team at America’s Test Kitchen, microwaving your cabbage helps you make your coleslaw faster.

You’ve likely noticed that when you make coleslaw, the cabbage you use is filled with water. If you don’t allow it to sit—typically with a salt and sugar blend—the water will leach out of the cabbage as it sits and dilute the dressing that gives your slaw its flavor. Typically, letting your cabbage release its moisture takes several hours. That’s where the microwave comes in.

Essentially, you’re speeding up the process using heat. When you mix shredded cabbage and salt and sugar and then microwave it, the water will release quickly. After microwaving, allow the cabbage to cool. Then, squeeze out the excess water. Mix your cabbage with your dressing of choice and any other additions you’d like, refrigerate, and you’re done.

The next time you’ve got a cookout or even coming up and want to match a batch of coleslaw, microwaving your cabbage might just be the quick trick you need.

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