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Here’s Why People Use Sugar on Salmon

A piece of cooked salmon sits on a plate next to an herb sprig.

While salmon is a common dish in my households, some find the fish just a little too, well, fishy. But even for those who dislike the common dinner staple, it’s hard to deny the fish’s health benefits. So what if you want all those omega-3s without the flavor?

That’s why you might want to consider putting sugar on salmon. Yes, it could dilute that fishy taste.

Okay, so we’re not saying dump a ton of sugar onto your salmon, sear it, and you’ve got dinner. Don’t do that (unless you just really want to try it). Instead, you should be creating a glaze for your salmon through a combination of acid and sugar.

If you’ve ever had teriyaki or meat with a honey-based glaze, you know how potent those flavors can be. They’ll often both enhance the taste of what you’re eating as well as be able to stand on their own. That’s exactly the case when it comes to salmon. Yes, it’ll still taste a bit like salmon (duh), but you’ll be able to disguise the fishiness using the bright, sweet taste of a glaze.

If you’ve been hesitant to add salmon to your weeknight meals, you might want to give it a shot. All you really need is some acid and sugar.

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